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Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad is located near central Cuba close to the Caribbean Sea. This small town is considered to be the best preserved colonial town in Cuba and is very much as it was four centuries ago. Beautifully preserved colonial buildings are artifacts of the town’s prosperity from the sugar trade in the 19th century. Trinidad, and the nearby Valle de los Ingenios, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988.  Trinidad is about Spanish colonial architecture, narrow cobblestone streets, bright coloured building facades, decorative wrought-iron railings, red-tiled rooftops, wooden doors, horse-drawn carts, vintage American cars, museums, history, culture, lively music, cafes, bars, restaurants, little shops selling handicrafts and art, and Plaza Mayor, the main attraction of Trinidad.  Although this wonderful town has many beautifully preserved structures, many are experiencing decay and corrosion.  The locals are friendly people and are generally alright with allowing photos to be made of them. Locally made pottery and weaving creations are often sold to tourists on the main streets. Trinidad is a paradise for photographers and lovers of unique culture. Hover over image for file number and description. Click on image to enlarge.

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